Bilbao, Palacio Euskalduna, February 16th & 17th, 2023.

Our society is facing unprecedented challenges. Globalization, the disruption caused by new technology, climate change and demographic evolution are having an enormous and inexorable impact on every aspect of our social models.

One example of this phenomenon is in employment. An essential element of a socially cohesive and inclusive society, the traditional model of work is beginning to be questioned, representing an enormous opportunity, alongside undeniable challenges which the Basque Country is not immune to.

In order to understand the scope of these issues, and to create innovative ways of mitigating potential negative aspects, the ISEAK Foundation, a research and knowledge transfer center in the field of economics, with extensive experience in the study of labor markets, is undertaking an in-depth investigation in collaboration with the Department of Labor and Employment of the Basque Government. The findings of this investigation will be the basis of “The White Paper on Employment in the Basque Country”.

The aim of this project is to understand the past, present and future of employment in the Basque Country, paying special attention to the current challenges of demographic, technological and climatic transitions. The ISEAK Foundation and the Department of Labor and Employment of the Basque Government, aware that the future of employment in the Basque Country depends on our ability to collaborate, want to create a space for debate and for the exchange of ideas in which different actors within the Basque employment ecosystem participate alongside top-level academics on the issues of employment and inequality.

In this context, the WorkInLan SUMMIT was born, a participation forum that, based on the research carried out during the creation of the White Paper on Employment in the Basque Country, will bring together representatives of the academic, political and social spheres to analyze the opportunities and challenges arising from demographic evolution, technological development and climate change. The goal is to draw up proposals from which to build the society we want for the Basque Country of the future.

Employment in the Basque Country that is to come.

Idoia Mendia

Minister of Labor and Employment
Basque government

Sara de la Rica