Stephanie Stantcheva


Dani Rodrik and his co-author Stephanie Stantcheva, both from the University of Harvard, are leading the academic field on how to create societies that generate “good jobs”. The main elements of their strategy are:

(i) active employment policies linked to the company,

(ii) regional industrial policies aimed at creating good jobs,

(iii) innovation policies that encourage “employment-friendly” technology,

(iv) international policies that facilitate high standards in terms of labour and society.

For this, it is necessary to develop new mechanisms of collaborative and iterative regulation, instead of prescriptive. The authors emphasise the importance of creating alternative institutional arrangements that allow for cooperation between governments and companies, as well as the creation of long-term exchanges of information.


The Agenda of the Welfare State of Good Jobs

  • February 17th

  • 12:00 – 11:00

  • OE Room